Welcome everyone

Dear friends,

Welcome to my new website with WordPress. As some of you may know, I started a blog with Blogger called Morning Stairs back at the end of February 2013. It’s been a great journey. Rather than transfer that blog over to the new website, I think I would rather just begin anew over here. Things look more professional in WordPress. I hope you enjoy the ride. Perhaps I can migrate some of those posts over here? Or maybe that’s too time consuming? We shall see.

With Morning stairs at Blogger, I received nearly 12,500 views in 13 months, but only three comments. I guess people were looking but perhaps too shy to comment.

And yes, I’m aware that as of this writing, the 9 images of fish and portraits which are currently featured on my website take a rather long time to load, about 12-20 seconds. I know this delay will deter a lot of potential viewers. I am trying to fix the issues. Please be patient with me.

I am building this website by myself with the help of online tutorials and videos with You Tube, WordPress, and Host Gator, among other. I just got some terrific tips from Kit Latham, and amazing web designer in Massachusetts. Thank you, Kit! I have other friends to thank as well for their support thus far. Liz Riviere has been instrumental in getting the blog off the ground and she helped me with some of the initial formatting. She encouraged me to create a more ‘professional’ artist website for several years. So here we go.

Thanks for reading.


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