Thinking about NYC; W Biennial, Armory, ADAA, and Artsy

Goodness, this past week there was a plethora of amazing shows in NYC. I wish I were there to see the works in person. I dug into the Times for inspiration and direction. They often have the best reviews, although Artsy is also doing a terrific job explaining shows and talking to the curators and artists, etc. I’m getting a bit addicted to Artsy, I confess. I can just click on there and pull up something to look at and read about in the contemporary artworld. I still love Sharon Butler’s Two Coats of Paint website, but Artsy seems to have a larger staff and their proverbial ‘finger on the pulse’ of the contemporary artworld.

I will add some links to some very good, thought-provoking articles. I don’t have time to comment now. More later!

Gosh, these could all be separate posts..if I had the time.

The New York Times, Art & Design:

“On the Piers, Armory Show Evokes Cut and Paste,” by Ken Johnson (March 6, 2014)

“In Blue-Chip Precincts, A Shout-Out for the Undersung,” by Karen Rosenberg (March 6, 2014)

Another great article, slightly different topic:

“Study Finds a Gender Gap at the Top Museums,” by Hilarie Sheets (March 7, 2014)

In The New Yorker:

“HER: The Radically prescient self-portraits of Maria Lassnig, at MoMA PS1,” by Andrea K. Scott, (March 10, 2014)

At MoMA:

Gauguin !


Whitney Biennial, talking to the 3 curators, each one with a single floor. This is the last year the Biennial will be hosted in the Breuer building. I had not idea the Whitney is moving to the meat packing district in 2015.

Michelle Grabner – she sounds great, who is she? I know nothing about her. Apparently she’s showing a good selection of female abstract painters on her floor at the Whitney.





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